The Spamalot Blog – The PSB’s

Well, there we are. What went on in Camelot didn’t stay there, we’re all more exhausted than a dead parrot and my aching knees have resulted in me doing a silly walk. It seems the Monty Python effect really has set in.

Everyone in the am dram world knows that after every show come the PSB’s, the post show blues and after all the fun in Camelot we’ve got a bad dose.

Spamalot has been such fun for us all and the reaction from our audience has been wonderful. It’s been great looking out at the end of the show and seeing an audience thoroughly enjoying themselves along with you. As we try and recover from the toils of show week and not forgetting the hangovers from the after show party we’re missing being part of the crazy world of Spamalot, not to mention seeing the Spam-Fam every day.

Looking back at last week it’s pleasing to see that the group has continued to grow again. We saw new faces become part of the SMP family both on and offstage, old faces continued while others returned. We had people take on new roles making sure our productions still run smoothly. Mentions go out to Anna Trofimova for taking on her job with such aplomb and to Adam Humpreys who not only debuted as ‘Gondolier’ but took on the mantle of SM and built a crew so special words can’t describe them (I’ll spare you the crew initiation pictures). Huge thanks too to our production team Paula, Stuart and Fay for putting together such a great show.

This year we celebrate 60 years of friendship, good times and entertaining the community and if we carry on as we are then it seems the group will continue forever.

So much has been said about our fabulous set made by Matt McManus and it was all true. Sadly it looked like we were possibly going to have to tear down Camelot but thankfully it lives on and will be at the Wyllots theatre next year for Potters Bar Theatre Company’s production of Spamalot. We wish you all the best for your show and hope you have half as much fun as we’ve had.


Now SMP moves on to something completely different…panto! Our next show will be Snow White and the seven dwarfs. If you’d like to be a part of the show you can find all the details below.

Next year will see a total change for us as we’ll put on two shows instead of one. A Musical at the Dugdale and we will bring Shakespeare to the streets of Enfield in a promenade performance. These changes give us a chance to put on shows in ways we’ve not done before and we’re very excited. We’ll keep you updated with more details on the website as we have it.

As for Spamalot, a wise doctor once said; Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Well I suppose we should be, after all, that’s looking on the bright side of life… (whistles to himself)