The Spamalot Blog – The Tech Rehearsal.

Click Clop, Click Clop…

Oh, hello people! I’m Michael and I’m playing ‘Patsy’ – King Arthur’s trusty servant and noble steed.

What were we up to last night? I hear you scream?! Well let me tell you… and no we weren’t just pissing around in Camelot.

Last night was our “Tech Rehearsal”. Which is ‘Stagey’ talk for making sure everything that is brought on and off stage has a tiny piece of tape in its place. Making sure transitions between scenes are as slick as possible, ensuring everyone knows where they enter and exit and… well, you catch my drift.

We are extremely fortunate that everyone involved in this production are incredibly professional and top notch at what they do. Because it couldn’t have gone smoother, which is lucky for the cast, as we managed to basically squeeze in an extra rehearsal!!

But I’m pleased to report that other than a couple of tweaks here and there, we have an absolutely incredible show on our hands – which the cast/production team are just gagging to blow you all away with.

Our Director, Paula Bland has created an absolute spectacle of a show. With Fay Kemal returning to the helm with those incredibly fabulous twinkle toes and Stuart Piddington-Wall whipping our vocals into shape and making us sound just fabulous!

You would be an absolute fool if you didn’t come and see this show, the set alone is simply stunning, Matt McManus is well… the man is quite simply A WIZARD!!

Be sure to book your tickets and join us all in CAMELOT!!

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