The Spamalot Blog – Week 11

Hi Spammers, my name is Lewis and I’m lucky enough to be part of SMPs cast of Spamalot in the Ensemble (And as Sir-Not-Appearing-in-this-blog, but enough on that).

Fresh from our first costume rehearsal on Sunday, Monday saw Fay teaching us the Act 1 finale: Run Away.

This song sees the wretched Arthur King and his snivelling English kniggghts seen off by le French Magnifique.

We also got to remind ourselves of all the numbers that we’ve set so far – a real workout there, for the memory and for the legs!

There was also a technical element to the rehearsal since we got to see our very own Knight of Nii learning to stilt walk.

On Wednesday, our MD Stuart took us through some new bits, as well as tackling bits and bobs flagged up from the Sunday. Particularly difficult (but so fun) was Hymn 101: Get your hand off my knees you dirty old bastard.

Sadly we also said goodbye to Alex Cobavie, whose piano skills have allowed us to blunder through this show so far (and Pirates last year), this meant cake all round however so it wasn’t all sad.

It’s really shaping up to be an incredible show so please, please come along!

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You can book your tickets here: