Urinetown Blog – Show Week

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WHAAT! Urinetown the musical’s has ended and if you didn’t manage to get a ticket you missed out on a whopper of a show!

Show week has been a crazy ride of adrenalin and backstage antics as show weeks always are, but this show is big and when I say big I mean BIG.

I have to say it’s been a bumpy ride for me to reach this point and the love and understanding from the production team and the group has been immense- in particular my rock Andy.

I could wax lyrical about the show but you only need to look at the reaction from the audience!

“WOW!!!! That is all ”

“The show looked and sounded fabulous”

“What a talented cast, amazing choreography and superb direction and music.”

“Brilliant show and brilliant cast.”

We’ll remember this show for a lifetime. Babies being born (much love to the little ones) and last minute role changes being just a couple of reasons. I’m sure I speak for all the cast when I send all my love to Phil.

But the biggest thing I’m going to remember from this show isn’t the amazing songs and dances, not the fabulous set and costumes, not even the amazing talent of the all the group (all true) but the immense feeling of family SMP has. Everyone has pulled together like some sparkly machine- front of house, on stage and back stage all going above and beyond to create this strange yet magical show.

To the ‘newbies’, well you can’t call yourself that anymore- it’s amazing how you’ve fitted right in and feel so much part of the group. To the ‘oldies’ you guys are the reasons I keep coming back to SMP.

Last night meant the get out and after show party- a few well deserved shandies were on the cards for the cast and crew!

I love you all (new and old) it’s been phenomenal!