Urinetown Blog – The Get In

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Hello and welcome to URINETOWN.. Not the place of course, but the blog.

My name is Michael and I have been handed the blogging baton from our smallest and most divaish cast member Archie the bunny.

Yesterday saw the beginning of ‘Show Week’ starting off with our company and crew ‘Get In’ – This day is pretty much self explanatory as to where the cast, crew, band, costumes and of course the set are all moved into the theatre.

The start to the day was an early one, some of the cast went down to the theatre to meet the crew and lend a hand in off loading the lights, set and stage.

The atmosphere in the theatre that morning was euphoric. As the morning went on and the biscuit tin dwindled, the excitement between the cast and crew grew and grew. We could all see the set coming to life.

Then came the time where the cast had to leave the theatre and the set building in the capable hands of our crew, lead by our fantastic stage manager Alex Snow. But the while the hard work back at the theatre continued, the cast met for our last ‘Run through’ before hitting the stage.

We were all put through our paces by the ever gloriously delightful Jo Bakhurst our outstanding Choreographer.

We also had an extra little surprise waiting for us at the rehearsal in the form of a little bundle of joy! The cast finally got to meet the future generation of SMP – baby Jasper McWilliams, accompanied by glowing Mummy Joanna McWilliams.

Once the run through was completed the cast were shipped off back to the theatre to check out if the hard work from our crew had paid off – and I can assure you all, it most certain had!!

The set looks incredible! We had some time to run a few of the dances to check for spacing and tighten up a few little loose ends.

The cast put in such high energy after such a long day which certainly paid off as by the end of the night, it literally had Jo Bakhurst in tears!!

It’s such a pleasure to be working with an amazingly talented bunch of creative people, and even more fulfilling to be able to see our amazing director/leading man Warren McWilliams’ vision for this show being brought into reality. And at last the good people of Urinetown finally get to see their town for the first time, and for what it has always been. URINETOWN.

You can still book tickets at www.millfieldtheatre.co.uk