Urinetown Blog – Week 11

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Dear Reader

Welcome back to Urinetown!:) My name is Bernadett, a newbie at Saint Monica’s Players and I am presenting the weekly blog for last week. In the past 11 weeks I had the pleasure of working with very talented and enthusiastic people. SMP is a great community and a truly welcoming one. We have a cake angel in the group whose mission is to bake cakes for everyone’s birthday. She is incredible. These rehearsals are always joyful to the heart but thanks to our cake angel they are a real pleasure to our tummy as well.😊

I am playing Ally Upandatem (ensemble), an ex-nurse who is kind, positive and likes helping other people. Urinetown is a funny place though and you can never tell what effect it makes on people. Could Ally stay the same person she is now or will she change for the better or worse? I love this musical for being amazingly complex and giving all of its people a real journey of character development.

Being part of this show, I have learnt many useful things for everyday life too, like how to queue for the toilet, how to skip the line unnoticeably, how important is to fight for things I believe in and to accept the inevitable consequences of our acts. They are always there…

Last week we focused on staging three numbers: Privilege To Pee, Look At The Sky and We’re Not Sorry. They all represent very important stages of the show. Thanks to the brilliant trio, Warren (director), Jo (choreographer), Mike (musical director) the end product of these numbers will be amazing. Without their enthusiasm and talent, the show would not be the same. They work very hard and have us working hard too but do it in a way that makes the hard work FUN!:)


I’m very excited to be part of the show and it would be nice if you could be part of it too by supporting us and coming to see the show. You will not regret it I can promise you that.😊

Book your ticket here now. It would be lovely to see you in the audience!