Urinetown Blog – Week 12

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Alright folks, line up and have your money ready! You know the drill. What? What’s that you say? Ya ain’t gonna pay? Ha! I’m tellin’ ya you’ve got to come see this incredible show and ya ARE gonna pay. No-one gets in for free. It would be dreamy if ya could, but that’s not how it all works. You want to come see the show, we’re gonna take your dough. Get your heads out of the clouds!

Welcome back to the Urinetown blog. I’m Inês and though I am new to these SMP parts, I am already in a position of great authority in the part of Penelope Pennywise, which I feel quite privileged to be playing. That’s MISS Pennywise to you.

Penny is a tough cookie and she runs the only ‘Amenity’ in her part of town. That means she is in charge of making sure people pay the proper fee to pee, and that they don’t pee freely as they please. She used to be quite a catch in her day, but these days she’s a bit rough around the edges. Penny has to lay down the law, but she has a couple of secret soft spots that you may find out about during the show!


From the start of joining this show, I got a great feeling about the group and the people in it. At this point I can say that my instincts were proved absolutely right and I love working with SMP. Every single person is friendly, supportive and hard-working, and we have an amazing time at every rehearsal. I couldn’t have chosen a better show to be a part of, or a better group of people to do it with! We are guided every week by our excellent director Warren McWilliams, who despite having a tendency to randomly trip on chairs and fall over in rehearsals, runs a tight ship and keeps us in good spirits with his generosity and understanding.



This past week we tackled a big song and dance number that involves our leading lady being potentially snuffed, or at least getting her hair in a muddle. The routine was once again expertly created by our wonderful choreographer, Jo Bakhurst, who I think is doing a brilliant job! Every routine is very entertaining and has little quirky surprises for our audience. This particular song has an entire clicking section which is hard for our cast, but they are handling it so well. Lucky thing I’m not clicking in it, I am terrible at it!

Yes, the bunnies have been increasingly agitated and there’s no knowing what they’ll do next. But us rich people will be getting back at them in no time and our leading man may soon discover what Urinetown really is, through secret trapdoors and crash mats too! In this part of the show, I get to try some stage combat, which is really exciting.



In our second rehearsal of the week we reached the final song that needed rehearsing. In it we all become rivers and harmonise like angels, through the patience and musical prowess of our lovely MD Mike Benton as you can hear. Well some of the cast are in heaven by that point in the story, so it all makes perfect sense.


I hope you will find enough pennies in your pockets to pay the fee to come see our show. We are truly having a blast putting it together and we hope to share the good vibes and utter hilarity with you! Book tickets here:

See you there!