Urinetown Blog – Week 13

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Hi all,

How time flies when you’re having fun!

I’m Tina, also known as the Cake Angel or the Queen of Cakes, I’m new to SMP and this week is my turn for the Urinetown blog!!

I can’t believe that its week 12 of rehearsals already! I’ve had the absolute pleasure and honour of meeting and working with some amazingly talented people! I have been welcomed with open arms and I have a feeling that I will never leave! Sorry guys you’re stuck with me!

I am playing Minky Warden, who is a down and out housewife, Mrs Millennium, a staff member of the Urine Good Company, and Julie Cassidy, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’m enjoying mixing it up with the different characters, it’s definitely keeping me on my toes for one thing!

This show is like nothing I’ve ever done before and I am loving it! The music is so well written and played beautifully by our MD Mike. Jo is like a breath of fresh air as our choreographer, in my many years in the same role, within another group, not once have I ever had to say do the otter! And then along comes Warren our director, is his lime green crocs making us all feel comfortable with talking and singing about pee on stage. These three are just amazing at what they do and their passion and Buzz for the show is truly infectious!

This past week has been a mad, crazy, busy kind of a week.

There have been a couple of birthdays this week so I was on hand with cake to feed the masses but that was just me!

Guided by our leader Warren, Monday was blocking through dialogue for both acts, while upstairs Mike stole bodies to sing through some numbers. The evening went so quickly and I know its because we’re all enjoying ourselves and working hard to make this the best show possible. Everybody was on hand to line up to pee and if we weren’t lining up we were singing about it!!

Wednesday was flash mob day! We’ve been rehearsing a slightly altered end of act one to surprise the audience at the Dugdale Centre for the last few weeks and Wednesday was the day. When we arrived, we all slipped into our costumes and had a quick quiet sing through (except our lovely Marion- sing out girl-soprano power! 😉 ) before heading downstairs during the first act to run it through in the space we had. Then all too soon, the butterflies started, the adrenalin started pumping and there we were only doing a bleeding flash mob! Then just as suddenly as it started, that was it, we were finished and it was time to go home. I know I’m biased but it really did sound and look amazing – imagine what it would be like on stage!!!!

This is just a snippet so please click on the link and have a look at the whole thing


, and feel free to share it, we want Urinetown to go viral!! http://www.smptheatre.co.uk/our-urinetown-flashmob/

Onto our first Sunday rehearsal! It was the hottest day this year so far and everyone was looking and feeling great! Debbie and Wendy bought along ice lollies -best idea ever girls! The suns out lets go play shouts our lovely Jo B!

However, my aching muscles can tell you that was exactly what we didn’t do! Sunday was recap day, us poor people concentrated on recapping previous dances, Run Freedom Run, Snuff that Girl, plus others, while the rich went through some numbers with Mike in the other room. Once we had recapped dances till we could recap no more, and we were all glistening with a thin layer of sweat, we went over the dialogue blocking with Warren before being released into the heat of the early evening.

I am loving every second of this show and I cannot recommend this show highly enough, it will make you laugh, cry and all the bits in between! You will not regret it I can promise you that!! You can book your tickets here.