Urinetown Blog – Week 15

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Hello there! Welcome to this week’s Urinetown blog. My name’s Kathryn W and I play Miranda Mire, an ensemble member and an ex-librarian who prefers the company of books to people. I’m also sort of a newbie at SMP. I helped out with props backstage two years ago during their production of West Side Story, but this year decided to go for a part.

I’m really enjoying my time spent at rehearsals and getting into my character. I haven’t done anything like this since being at school, which is, a fair while ago, ahem. Anyway, I was very nervous auditioning for the show, especially after hearing how much talent I’d be up against (these people don’t mess about!), but I was very happy to get the call to say I’d got in!

It has been hard work learning all the dances and harmonies, our Director, Choreographer and MD demand the best we can do, and deserve it for a show this good. The more I’ve listened, seen and become a part of this show, the more I love it. It’s dark, funny, touching, twisted and actually makes you ask yourself some questions.  As for my fellow cast members, I have a huge honour performing with some very talented, extremely hard-working and supremely wonderful people.

On Monday we ran through the whole of Act 1, making notes at the end. As our resident ‘cake Queen’ Tina was poorly that day I stepped up to bring cake to the masses, fortunately a success.

Wednesday it was time to go through the whole of Act 2, again making notes on our performances just to get them that much better for all you lovely people who I’m sure already have tickets.

On Saturday some of our group met up and did some flyering around the local areas, to spread the message of peeeeee – North London, you can’t escape!

On Sunday we had a run through of the entire show, complete with costumes. We were also joined by our Stage Managing team and Set Designer, who tells us all the set is looking fab! It sure is going to be a feast for the eyes and ears of anyone lucky enough to come and see it.

Sunday also meant my birthday which I enjoyed spending with my fellow SMP-eers. It really does feel like an adoptive family being part of this group. On a personal note I would just like to thank Warren, Jo and Mike for giving me this opportunity. I’m not only part of what is shaping up to be a fantastic show, but not many people know how much being included has helped me personally. I can’t thank you all enough for, basically, changing my life.

So, if you want to know whether Miranda Mire survives ‘Urinetown-the musical’, you’ll have to come and see for yourself! Don’t miss out, get your ticket whilst there’s still time!

You can book you tickets here