Urinetown Blog – Week 16

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Hello all fellow Urinetown blog readers! If you came looking for a quick summary of the on-goings of this week’s Urinetown rehearsals, and a few pee jokes, well, urine luck.

My name is Jack McGinn (Billy boy Bill and Mr Xerox) and this is my first SMPee show. I have helped out backstage and front of house for the past two shows, Bugsy Malone and Sleeping Beauty, but this time I finally took the plunge(r) into the deep end and decided to audition for Urinetown.

I had never even heard of the show but after going to the read through and hearing about what the creative team had planned I knew it had the potential of being a weelly terrific show.

So here we are, 16 weeks into the process and only 2 weeks from the show and I can tell you, my first impression wasn’t wrong. This week especially reaffirmed to me how immense this show is and will be.

Monday’s rehearsal was mainly just song and dance recaps, while Wednesday’s rehearsal saw us do a very good run of Act 2, so good that at one point it brought a tear to our Choreographer Jo’s eye (for good reasons, not bad ones). Speaking of Jo, I would personally just like to give a massive thank you to her, Warren and Mike for the outrageous amount of work they have put into this show, it really is paying off.

This week also saw yours truly celebrate his birthday, something my fellow cast members did not seem to forget as they serenaded me just before we finished up on Wednesday. I am very grateful to all of them.

So yeah that was this week in the Urinetown HQ, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as I have being a part of the show. They truly are a wonderful group of peeple. If you haven’t booked tickets yet then Urine the right place as here is the link. http://www.enfield.gov.uk/millfield/

I think that’s enough puns for the day but seriously guys, go and spend a few pennies and come see a fantastic show.

Signing off,


P.S: Why can’t you hear a Pterodactyl going to the bathroom? The P is silent