Urinetown Blog – Week 17

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So Urinetown The Musical! It’s a terrible name! But then what’s in a name??… I remember Urine Town coming to the West End 2 years ago and immediately being put off by the name. So I didn’t go to see it. BIG MISTAKE! And boy do I regret it now. It’s a little gem of a musical! Pre the auditions I brought the book and the CD to have a proper look and I’m so glad I did. After reading it I thought wow! this is going to be a great show, I SO want to be in it! It’s funny, clever and the music is glorious and heart lifting, the characters are engaging but the story had a dark undertone that sends a message of fear and control to the Urine-towners. Behold! -This is not your usual musical.

This is my maiden voyage with SMP and I’m so glad I took the plunge. It’s been said but I’ll say it again. You couldn’t meet a lovelier group of people. Really. So I am a character called Sally Shocking Hair. Can you guess my USP? I’m quite timid and easily scared but as the show progresses I gain strength from the rebellion and my fellow comrades as we fight with Bobby for the privilege to pee!

Last week we have been doing singing and dancing recaps and brushing up on those crazy beautiful harmonies. They sound amazing when we get in spot on –with the help of Mike our musically amazing Musical Director.  We brushed up a few of the songs including Run Freedom Run, a (great toe tapper), the harmonies in the Bunny song – I’m a bunny! (wah, wah, WAH) and The Cop Song which has a great routine.

Sunday was Band Call day, which was VERY exciting. We sang through the entirety of the musical but this time LIVE with the actual band that will be playing with us on the night. The live band were brilliant and it was great to hear what we sound like with them i.e. Awesome! Yeah ok I’m biased J

I’m in constant awe of my fellow comrades all of whom are amazingly talented and are seasoned SMP’ers and have been doing it for many a year but also new SMP’ers who are equally skilled and bring such energy. Personally I’m loving the dance routines but I have no professional training (as our fab and very patient choreographer Jo will know as she grits her teeth and corrects my positioning for the umpteenth time) but I’m trying hard to keep up! The team behind this production go above and beyond the realms of commitment to the show and there is an incredible energy around it. Warren McWilliams our legend of a director keeps us going with lots of fun and positivity (I won’t mention the bunny kidnappings!)

My parting advice to you is to take a punt on this show. It’s a special one and needs to be seen by more people. You won’t be disappointed.


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