Urinetown Blog – Week 18, last week of rehearsals!

1. Everyone with Bunny

Why, hello there. My name’s Archie and I play the role of Little Sally’s Bunny in Urinetown. It’s a role that I’m relishing since he is a very different rabbit to me, which is really pushing me out of my comfort zone.
It’s a non-speaking part, however it is very challenging as I’m needing to emote my rabbitness via non-verbal methods. This is a challenge I am rising to spectacularly, as confirmed by our director Warren, who stated Archie the rabbit is an incredible actor.
‘His scenes bring me to tears of joy and I can’t wait for the public to see what he has done with the role, they are truly in for a treat.’
2. Bunny with Sheet Music
Whilst I am loving getting my teeth stuck into the character, it was, admittedly, not my first choice of role. I’d originally auditioned to play Cladwell but was given the feedback that the song ‘Don’t be the Bunny’ would not work if performed by a rabbit.
I do on occasion remind our Mr. Cladwell, played by Carl, that I am in all honestly better suited to the role than he is (were it not for my species). He has, however, not responded well to this.
4. Carl with Bunny
This is my first show with SMP, and after a bit of a rocky start involving a mild/moderate kidnapping we seem to have resolved our issues and I am now fully integrated into the group.
It’s always hard being the only non-human in a cast, but SMP have been wonderfully welcoming and supportive (bar the kidnapping, which I will eventually get over).


As this is our last week of rehearsals before we head to the theatre on Sunday, we had two full run throughs of the show on Monday and Wednesday. The focus of the runs were my scenes, since I play such a pivotal role it’s vital that every person in the show interacts with me in a well thought out manner. They are making good progress with this.
Please do come and see Urinetown. I’m really breaking new ground and going in a direction that no one else has gone with the role of Little Sally ‘s Bunny. You would be foolish to miss it, as I think my performance will probably be nominated for some form of award and be spoken about widely in North London am-dram circles for years to come.
The rest of the show is quite good too.
Ticket can be purchased from here: www.millfieldtheatre.co.uk

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