Urinetown Blog – Week 4

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s blog for our upcoming show Urinetown.

I’m Debbie and I play the character of Daisy Doodle, one half of a menacing duo… Want to know what I’m talking about? Get yourselves down to The Millfield Theatre!

This week we sang our little hearts out and strutted our stuff to complete 3 of the most challenging songs I have ever been part of.
On Monday, Mike, our MD extraordinaire, went over all our harmonies making sure that we have everything down!

We also had a visit from our friend Jamie Millard and his cute doggy Arthur!! That was a real treat!! We also had our Little Sally’s birthday where we celebrated with doughnuts!!

On Wednesday we began to move the opening, following instruction from our delectable duo Warren and Jo, something quite simple but boy was it effective!! Our characters are certainly starting to take shape and the movement is tailored to the music!!

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Urinetown has become one of my favourite musicals and one of the many reasons why is because it is a genius piece of theatre, yes the title leaves a lot to be desired, but don’t let that fool you. Don’t miss out, come on down to Urinetown!!