Urinetown Blog – Week 6

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This week’s blog is brought to you by me ‘Bagsy Barbara’, better known as Kathryn to anyone who knows me!

Rehearsing for Urinetown has definitely been a welcome break a few evenings a week from marking and planning! Although now I have this stress of writing a blog when all I can think about is am I using an exclamation mark incorrectly? Have I included fronted adverbials, relative clauses, the passive voice and determiners? Would I pass a writing SAT if I was marked on this?! Yes that’s what I have been reduced to!

So here goes … Monday evening we were setting ‘The Cop song’ in one hall and ‘Follow your Heart’ in another.

Much fun was had learning the ‘Cop Song’ number! Superb choreography once again by our Jo B (who was just working as a dance instructor this weekend at Potters resort in Norfolk – where loads of us SMP ladies frequent on an annual basis to get our groove on!)

Wednesday evening reduced me to tears. Tears of sheer joy from laughing too much! Which I know I shouldn’t when being taught a song by our wonderful MD Mike. ‘Snuff the girl’ consists of a clicking section – that was very interesting! Luckily, there didn’t seem to be one person who couldn’t click, but remembering the random timings (especially for me) did seem to cause some chaotic moments!


A special mention to Fay and Michael for their superb performance and singing – other members of the cast were jealous to not be in with us- longingly gazing in!

We then waved a fond farewell, before the end of the rehearsal, to the members of the cast who were also performing in the Waltham Forest Festival. They did so well, receiving glowing praise! And Paul Levy winning the new writer award was a highlight!

I absolutely loved this week’s rehearsals and know my two boys would recommend you see this show as they love the music- it is all we are allowed to listen to in the car! I do wonder though what their teachers must think of what they say when they snuff the girl, whilst following their heart, not being a bunny, running for freedom from the Cop, and asking for Urine town as it is a privilege to pee!

Don’t forget you can book your tickets for the show here: http://www.enfield.gov.uk/millfield/homepage/18/whats_on_millfield_theatre