Urinetown Blog – Week 7

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Here is this weeks blog written by “Little Becky Two Shoes” Fay Kemal. 

Urinetown rehearsals are fun filled all singing all dancing evenings with lots of high energy performances. 

I’m so excited to have my first all singing, dancing, acting part in an SMP show!!! I can normally be found on the other side of the production as choreographer and wardrobe mistress, so am loving each rehearsal night. Warren McWilliams’ upbeat humour and enthusiastic direction keeps everyone motivated. He has given everyone such interesting characters to portray, so watching people come to life is really fun!!

Dancing led by the imaginative Jo Bakhurst and singing by talented Mike Benyon is really progressing well and looks and sounds great. 

This weeks Monday rehearsal was a busy one with the ‘Rich’ and some ‘Poor’ learning a dance number for ‘Mr Cladwell’ while some principals were put through their paces with songs and dialogue. My trusty co-wardrobe mistress Ellie Goss and I were knee deep in the costume cupboard sorting out the eclectic look required for this show. Wednesday eve was just as busy as all the songs we’ve learnt so far were re-capped. It’s great having so many new cast members for this show, coming together and making new friends whilst working as a team to make this show a cracker!!! So get your tickets fast to avoid disappointment!!

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And here’s a little taster of the number: