Urinetown Blog – Week 8

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Well, hello there and welcome to Urinetown! It might not look like much but it’s home-Well for two evenings a week anyway!

This week, the blog mantle has been passed on to me- Joe Krajewski. I play the character of Bobby Strong. It’s a great role to play and like many characters in the show, I get to go on a bit of a journey of self-discovery before finding my way to Urinetown. But what is Urinetown? Well if you don’t already know, then you will just have to come and see it- and if you do already know, then you know what an awesome show it is!

I have been a member of SMP for about 22 years now. I joined as a teenager and I am always pulled back. Work means that I can’t always commit to shows but (as I already mentioned) it is a bit like home and I can’t ever stay away for too long. The people are the heart of the SMP family and whether we are pirouetting together in Pantoville; waging war on one another in West Side or singing in unison in Urinetown, we give it our all and we do it surrounded by friends, encouragement and LOTS of laughter! I am so glad to be back for this show.

We have all been working tremendously hard and things are already looking and sounding wonderful, so this week our benevolent director gave us Monday off.

Wednesday evening saw us all refreshed and ready to start. As ever, there were lots of things going on. Upstairs, Warren our director was working on some scenes with ‘The Rich’; downstairs, our MD Mike was teaching us ‘Tell Her I love Her’ and then also ‘It’s a Privilege to Pee’ ; finally, our amazing wardrobe mistresses (Faye and Ellie) were upstairs helping to make cast members look the part. Audiences are always really impressed by SMP shows but one of the regular comments is just how brilliant the costumes look.

I have been really impressed with the number of new and talented members that have joined us for this show. They truly are triple threats and I love watching them in rehearsals. This was the first time that I had heard the beautiful Inês Marcelo Curto (who plays Penny). She certainly did not disappoint with her powerhouse of a voice during ‘It’s a Privilege to Pee’. I was lucky enough to be singing a duet with the lovely Jenny Storey (who plays Little Sally) and was equally blown away by her brilliance- luckily for everyone else, I only sing a few lines in the song! The chorus has been absolutely brilliant through rehearsals. I can honestly say that these are some of the hardest and most varied harmonies that I have ever heard in a show. Mike is doing a stellar job teaching them and the cast really are doing him proud. I can’t wait until we start running it- though perhaps I should learn my lines first!


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