Beauty and the Blog – First few rehearsals.

Hey gang! Hannah here! You might remember me from a number of last years virtual shows with SMP (including Agatha Twisty and the murder in Pantoland). Beauty and the Beast will be my first “in person” show with this wonderful bunch, and I’m so grateful to have been given the opportunity to be your Beauty!

Our second rehearsal kicked off with learning the fantastic “Better when I’m dancing”, and I don’t mean to brag, but it’s amazing. It really is one of those songs that will have you bouncing away in your seat.

We also now have our opening number! The amazing Fay (our choreographer, if you aren’t familiar, which, if you’ve been around for longer than me, you should be) has done some fab work with this ONE, AND is the ONLY one who could have smashed out that number so quickly. (I’m sorry I’ll leave the terrible puns our script writer, Warren)

We also have a number of scenes from the first act blocked off. This is the first time a lot of us have been in a rehearsal together, and already the giggles have started. Lets hope we can get them all out before show week. (We will… I think…)

We also got to go through our final number with the oh so talented Kate, who has created some stunning harmonies that will be sure to blow you away. The cast have done so well at picking them up and the sound is GLORIOUS (if I do say so myself)

Am I gushing about how wonderful this show is going to be just because I’m in it? Of course not! It truly is going to be a great time. However there is only one way to find out…

Book your tickets below and we’ll see you in January!


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