Listen to “A Fairytale Ending”

Here at SMP we’re very lucky to have a plethora of talent to call upon when we put our shows on and if you’ve been to our pantos over the last few years you’ll have noticed that along with plenty of popular songs in our shows we also feature some original music courtesy of our gifted Musical Director, Mike Benyon.

Hot on the heels of ‘Cinderella’s Song’ from Cinderella,  ‘Girl in Heaven’ from Aladdin, ‘As Magic Comes My Way’ from Sleeping Beauty and ‘Ice’ from Frosted. Benyon’s penned another belter with ‘A Fairytale Ending’ for The Little Mermaid.

And you can hear the song here: 

Music and Lyrics by Mike Benyon

Featuring Lucy Sardinha as The Little Mermaid with Wendy Cooper, Carla Segel, Julie Dowling, Joanna McWilliams, Debbie Wall, Jo Bakhurst & Kate Sanders

Guitar – Tim Hall

In our show, A Fairytale Ending is sung by Mariel, the Little Mermaid as she dreams of what life might be like if she could live with her Prince up on dry land. Those of you who listen closely might notice some references to other Fairytale Princesses, could they make an appearance during the number? The only way to find out is by joining us for the show.

You’ll here this some and a host of brilliant popular songs in our show this year, you can book your tickets here: