OMIBLOG! – The First week.

Hey there, you blooming beautiful bunch, happy Monday to you all. I’m Jo and I am absolutely tickled pink to have been blessed with the privilege of playing Elle Woods in SMP’s Legally Blonde (OMIGOD) Alongside a cast of phenomenal talent, and, as always, led by a team of very dedicated souls.

What a blast our first week of rehearsals have been, it’s been a joy to see both old and new members of the SMP family come together, havefun and sounding glorious already!

Starting with an eye wateringly funny “team building” session on Monday. As you can see from the pics our faces were alight with such a happy energy. OMIGOD you guys, we had so much fun! After a little introduction and “get to know each other” with our superb director Lukey, it was time to get moving…whoop

We were put into teams by “master of fun” our choreographer extraordinaire, JoBeeeone, who tasked us with several hilarious and slightly impossible missions to complete, including crafting Elles proposal dress out of bin bags of course, passing a hula hoop around our circles of joined hands, team skipping, sorting ourselves into a variety of orders in the fastest time and, naturally, climbing on top of one another to create the best demonstration of whatever random thing Jo had just shouted out, plus many other crazy and joyful antics.

Its safe to say all the fun worked a TREAT as everyone was buzzing, laughing, chatting and mixing so nicely by the time we sat down to have our first sing through of a full company number. The ever careful and expert conducting of our master of music, cupKate, had us all belting out our gorgeous harmonies in no time at all!

Needless to say the Delta Nus were mega excited to be returning on Wednesday for our second rehearsal, eeeeek, where we would be working very hard on the vocals for our extremely energetic opening number. This went super smoothly, and the deltas sounded incredible, so good I almost didn’t want to join in when the time came – I was enjoying it all so much!

A perfect start to our LB journey has begun, cherubs. Fun and laughter, friends new and old and sooooo many moments of “snaaapppsss” joy. Here’s to more heart warming weeks like that, eeeeek SNAPS (so sorry, last one) Xxxxx

One final thing, thank you Dave Stoughton for the lovely….SNAPS!

Keep your eyes on the website as we’ll be bringing you updates from the cast each week with all the latest gossip from from rehearsals with the show blog #OMIBLOG!

Tickets for Legally Blonde are available already via the Millfield Theatre website and you can book by following the link below.