OMIBlog! Week 3

Hey everyone! Archie Beach here with the third OMIBlog. I’m very happy to be in the show with SMP, it’s gonna turn out great from what we’re seeing so far!

On Monday, we set the dance to “What You Want” which was energetic to begin with, but with the dance on top, it’s a real showstopper! Big ensemble numbers are normally flashy and stylish, but this is even bigger! Hope everyone’s remembered the dance-there’s a lot to do in that number.

The energy in the room was just as good as the dancing-everyone was having a lot of fun from what I could see. It’s a good thing we have such a good choreographer in the form of Jo B because that could have quickly turned into a 2 hour nightmare session in the wrong hands! Everyone did really well on Monday’s session and it looks really good for the most part. The bad part’s mainly me not being able to dance to save my life, but oh well.

Unfortunately there was no rehearsal on Wednesday-I believe Jo was ill. Hope you’ve gotten better or get better soon! I guess “Jamaican Me Crazy!” is gonna have to wait for a bit.

Like I said, I think the show’s gonna turn out great from the quality of rehearsals we’ve had so far-can’t wait to see exactly how it turns out!

See you guys soon for another great rehearsal!

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Tickets for Legally Blonde are available already via the Millfield Theatre website and you can book by following the link below.