OMIBlog! Week 4

Helloooo! This week you’ve got Tara and Rosheen writing about all things legally blonde. We are both in the ensemble, and we are very excited to be a part of the show, which is shaping up nicely!

It was another one rehearsal week this week, with us getting to see our resident Callahan (John Stivey) in action, as we all navigated the tricky world of Blood in the Water. But with the help of our show week MD, Simon, getting us whipped into shape by the end of the night, it was sounding fabulous!

The rehearsal was immersive, where we got to experience what it would be like to be law students in Callahan’s class with the amazing John Stivey portraying his best self-important and manipulative law professor.

Overall the rehearsal was fun, and we got to get to know everyone else a little bit better. If the way the song sounded by the end of the rehearsal is anything to go by, this show is going to be amazing, and definitely one that you do not want to miss! We are loving every second of it so far, and cannot wait for more rehearsals to come.

Rosh and T over and out!

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Tickets for Legally Blonde are available already via the Millfield Theatre website and you can book by following the link below.