Sleeping Beauty Blog – Show Week

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So a little about me, I first joined smp for zombie prom back in 2010, and haven’t looked back since. We are more than an amateur dramatics company, we are a family and I think that’s why we manage to retain the same talent show after show!
I’m delighted to be a member of the chorus and an evil minion in Sleeping Beauty. So here I am at our after show party writing a blog!
As you have already read blogs about our fabulous opening night I thought I would cover show week socials. So on Thursday night a few of us went to a karaoke bar and partied after opening night, the attendance of this is generally a lot higher but a few of us have been hit by the much dreaded man flu (yes it is that bad!) so decided an early night was needed in order to be at our best for our lovely audiences.
Friday night is traditionally curry night so after the show we all head down to Aladdin’s who look after us so marvelously twice a year. After lots of chat and lovely food we head home and rest, ready for 2 shows on Saturday.
Between shows there is also a lot of food (ok you might spot a theme here, we like to eat) and general chit chat and chill time for the cast before our evening performance. A special mention must go out to our crew who provide us with some entertaining calls…. There was some very questionable accents through the tannoy this afternoon.
So on to the main event…. The after show party! We all like to let our hair down and enjoy a good boogie and a few Bevvies after the shows. There is also the small matter of ‘the awards’, these celebrate little mess ups that the cast have made throughout show week including costume malfunctions and script adaptions, and the notorious “Cow and pig” award for the company member who hammed it up the most (on or off stage)
As we have a show on Sunday we pack up at a reasonable time and rest up for our Sunday matinée. Emotions are running high after spending a week with the ‘SMP fam’ and the finale of the Sunday matinee is always full of tears that all of our hard work is over. But fear not, read through for our summer show Urinetown is only a matter of days away! Hurrah 🙂