Sleeping Beauty Blog – Week 3


Our blog for week 3 comes from the artistic Sasha Newton who will be playing Sniffle in our panto. Here’s her thoughts!

Hello and welcome to another SMP blog detailing our antics during rehearsals that took place this past week, brought to you by, well me! We are in full swing now and start each rehearsal fresh faced (kind of) and raring to go!

This week took us to Malevolents’ lair (the evil witch who sends sleeping beauty to bed forever with a small prick … student life eh!) I am lucky enough to be playing the part of ‘Sniffle’ alongside ‘Boggers’ the simple minded duo, and right (and left) hand men to malevolent. I’m not entirely sure they are aware of their own existence, but they do as they are told and are none the wiser.

Monday we ‘wrecked the mic’ (spoiler alert) with Boggers and Sniffles’ raptastic duet! Energies were high as we succumbed to the enchanting musical stylings of Mr Mike Benyon! ‘There will be no harmonies today’ he says! This was beautiful news (to me anyway, I can have slight trouble hearing notes and singing the same one!)  this must mean there are no rules, and indeed we took advantage and let rip with this fun filled funky fabulousness! (4 F’s there).

Wednesday we got down with the director Mr Chris O’Shea, who had Boggers, played by Luke Clow and Sniffle worn out and ready for bed by the end. Running circles around Kate Russell’s Malevolent (who has now perfected her evil villain laugh by the way, it’s utterly haunting!) and adding layers to our characters scene by scene! We had an absolute blast in rehearsals as Chris directed scenes that had us in stitches, he took our emotions from one end of the spectrum to the other, and enlightened us with his vision! I cannot wait for what else is coming!

An absolute success of a week with much much more heading our way!!! As we grow and develop (and learn our lines!!!) who knows what’s to come!

We perform our production of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ on the 21st-24th January 2016, and whilst that may seem some time away, I know it will fly by (quicker than you can say Bakewell tart!) So I plan on enjoying every single moment whilst its here, every song, every dance and every clip round the ear my character receives. They are bruises of love. I truly hope you have as much fun watching as we do performing for you!

Now unfortunately I was unable to take photos of this week shenanigans – however please see my illustrations which I feel is perfect representation of the week! Enjoy, and Thank you!!

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