Spamalot Blog – Week 2

It’s Carl here, part of the ensemble of SMP’s Spamalot.

You may remember me from last year’s show Pirates of Penzance, when I had my hand and arm chopped off; or possibly from Urinetown, when I was thrown off a building or from West Side Story when I was stabbed to death.

Well, there seems to be a theme in the parts that I have played and in Spamalot the theme continues. Only this time it happens twice and in quite bizarre ways (what would you expect from the Monty Python team). So, come and see this show cos I’m a dab hand at dying now!

I had my first dance rehearsal with the amazing choreography of Fay Kemal. For those of you unfamiliar with Spamalot, naturally, the opening number is a song about fish. To find out more you really must come and see us. It is simply marvellous in a mad way – just how SMP like it.

In our the next rehearsal, I’m not sure how but under the intelligent direction from our director, Paula Bland, we managed to get through all of Act 2.

Obviously, we will run our lines again and again but I felt this was a great sign of the hard work the production team and cast are putting into this show.

I am super excited about this show, not only cos I get to die on stage but I also get another chance to work with Stuart Piddington-Wall as musical director. We would have had a singing rehearsal last week but we was selfishly on his honeymoon.

Get your tickets now from the link below!