The Mermaid Blog – The Community Night

Hello my poor unfortunate souls. Octavia here, also known as Kate Sanders, and I’m here to tell you all about our first performance, community night!

Community night is always very exciting, as it is our chance to not only meet lots of wonderful people from our local community, but also to perform our show in front of people for the first time. Here was where we got to talk to the children, make the audience laugh, and in my case revel in the boo’s.

The audience joined us on our magical journey, and after the show were wonderful to talk to, and hear about all their favourite bits. My favourite part is personally the act 1 finale, where I get to be my most evil self and sing an iconic number from the well known Disney version of The Little Mermaid. Can you guess what it is? Well you better book tickets so you can see if you’re right!

The cast and crew really came together for the show, and the excitement throughout was tangible. At the end of the show we had our traditional on stage ‘shell-fie’, which we do every show, and I may have pulled some rather odd faces on porpoise 😛

I’ll leave you all now as I have to wash all the glitter out of my hair (there is a lot of sparkles in this show!). See you at the show!

You can book your tickets here, if you want to come to one of our 2.30pm matinees please book now as tickets are limited for those performances: