The Mermaid Blog – Week 14

Hello landlubbers and denizens of the deeps. It’s Lewis here reporting for the Daily Star(fish).

Following a snowy weekend off, this week was kicked off at Cannon house with singing recaps under the tutelage of Mike B.

Wednesday saw us all running some of the show ahead of the week’s main event – the first costume run!

Yes the first time we all get to see the colourful menagerie that creative team have put together all at once and it was incredible, with bright mermaids rubbing shoulders with dreadful poor unfortunate souls.

You’ll see a few sneak peeks below but for the reel thing, you’ll just have to come sea us!

Finally, we here at SMP are really getting into the christmassy swing of things and to prove it here’s a picture of our Christmas Petree (complete with cherub on top).

I know that you’re just urchin for show week to arrive (I know I am) so book your plaice in our audience schooner rather than later!!

You can book your tickets here now.