The Much Ado Blog – Show Week

Hello there! And so, sadly our show has come to an end – but let me walk you through the week’s fun!

Most shows are somewhat different from one performance to another, but for this show that was even more profound as the weather changed and the noises from the ‘real world’ swam in and out of our little oasis.

On The weather front, Wednesday and Thursday both went well without rain and with cloudy skies which made for dramatic looking skies up above that would cost a fortune to create in a theatre! Friday was the day we were worried about, we were all glued to various weather forecasts which all changed by the hour and had a variety of predictions, some of which were apocalyptic!! Well the Shakespearean gods smiled on us and (apart from a light shower in act 2 for 10 minutes) it stayed dry! Much rejoicing (and curry) was had after the show at our escape. And so on to our final performance – what flavour of weather would we have to go out on? Well naturally the weather had saved the best for last and delivered a clear blue sky, and bright golden sunshine to wave us off.

As to the show itself, you always worry when trying something new that maybe it won’t land with an audience. Well, as it turns out we really, REALLY shouldn’t have worried. From rave reviews in the press, to reports we have opened up Shakespeare to kids who came along, to breathless reports of the show being “genuinely the best thing I’ve ever seen” – I think we can say it was a hit!

Our magnificent singing quartet were so incredible I believe they have now taken bookings and will be taking it forwards, so look out for them in the future!

And thus, we concluded another fantastic show. We felt at the end that maybe this was something a little bit special, something people will remember for years to come.

Will we get to do another of Shakespeare’s plays sometime soon? I can only hope so, until that time parting is such sweet sorrow, that I should say goodnight ‘till it be morrow.

Our next show will be our Pantomime Cinderella at Chingford Assembly Hall in December – We’re looking to increase our usual cast size and include a kids chorus so if you’d like to be part of the show come along to our introduction night. Click on the picture for full details.