The Spamalot Blog – Opening Night

 Edmonton 2018 AD. A cast united and an audience overjoyed!

I’m Rebecca Gediking and I am delighted to be playing the part of ‘Historian’ in SMP’s marvellous production of ‘Spamalot’. I’m thrilled that I have been asked to write about our opening night and what a night it was! This will be a performance that will go down in history for all of us at SMP.

In the previous blog entries, we have read about the production process, the auditions, rehearsals, props, the set building, lighting, sound and the costumes. There is so much work that goes on behind the scenes to bring a production to life. Our production team have put their heart and soul into creating ‘Spamalot’. They are visionaries, creatives, risk takers and enormous fun to work with. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with them and with my fellow cast members. SMP has often been described as a friendly, professional, fun and supportive theatre group and this is completely true. In this fast paced comical production, when we aren’t performing, we are in the wings setting props, helping with very quick costume changes and laughing with each other.

The opening night of a show is always exciting as it is the night where everything comes together and we get to share our production with our first audience. Our opening night for ‘Spamalot’ was not only exciting, it felt magical. The audience was one of the best we have ever had and the atmosphere was electric from start to finish! Audience members cheered, laughed and sang with us throughout the show and many of them rushed to the box office to buy tickets to see us again! Audience members said that our production was better than the West End and Broadway and our social media pages are awash with glowing, Spamtastic reviews!

We were honoured to have been joined by the Mayor of Enfield tonight. The Mayor came and met with us backstage and declared that all of Enfield should come and see ‘Spamalot!’ There is something for everyone in this production, not only will it ‘have you rolling in the aisles’ – as the Mayor wrote in her review… for the Monty Python lovers, you can practise your silly walks, quote and sing along and for those who don’t know Monty Python you will be able to experience and enjoy a live theatre production, full of dancing, songs and comedy.

Everyone who performed and watched ‘Spamalot’ tonight left on cloud nine and I do hope that after reading this, you will join us on the ‘Bright side of life’ and be a part of the magic this week.
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