Urinetown Blog – Opening Night!

Opening Night from Maisy Doodle, one of Urinetown’s ‘Urchin twins’.

Last night, SMP’s Urinetown (the musical!) flooded onto the stage at the Millfield theatre with more energy than you could shake a mop at!

Our audience were absolutely brilliant & incredibly forgiving of our ‘interactions’ with them; when finding characters asleep in their seat, being ushered out of the toilet or being begged for ‘a penny to pee’ – they were quintessentially British in their reaction… Well mostly, anyway! Apparently Bagsy Barbra got smacked with programme!

My twin, Daisy & I kept trying to get food or water from people – we managed to have a sip of someone’s lemonade & distracted a couple of people to sneak some of their popcorn into our pockets…yum! However, it wasn’t long before Officers Lockstock & Barrell caught up with us. Don’t worry though, we managed to run away and hide…phew!

We did try to sneak in to use the Millfield amenities a couple of time… But that bossy ol’ Miss Pennywise was busy guarding them. Even when we thought the coast was clear she’d soon find us & chase us away (plunger in hand!)…

This production submerges the audience into a delightful dystopian satire of ambition, greed and love. It is saturated with comedy, choreographic genius that really packs a punch & a cast overflowing with talent. By this point in the blogs you shouldn’t need any more convincing of why you should come and see this show. You should have already booked. And if you haven’t… just look at the audience’s feedback from last night:

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So do it…book now…just do it…go on…you’re reading this, stop reading… And book…don’t miss out!

Finally, Thank you again to our awesome production team! This show is an absolute credit to you all. I was already a fan of Urinetown – but your passion, determination and commitment has burst every imagination I had of what this show could be. It is, by far, the best production I have ever been a part of. I am incredibly proud of you all and our fabulous SMP family x

You can still book here at www.millfieldtheatre.co.uk

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