Urinetown Blog – Week 3

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This weeks blog comes from one of our new members, François. Who, as the name suggests has joined us all the way from France. Take it away François;

Urineville, c’est parti!

This is not a surprise but I am so utterly excited to have been given the opportunity to play two parts in the show.

First one, Dr Billeaux, is one of the Rich. He is a scientist in charge of the R&D Department at Urine Good Company. He is much of a coward and one the pets of our villain, Caldwell B. Cladwell.

The second is more of a mystery, Victor Khodahad. I haven’t been given the chance yet to rehearse as him so far, so I can’t tell you much. You will have to come to see. But what is certain is that a character with a name of Eastern European origin, being played by a French guy, is certain to bring the unexpected!

This week, we blocked the Act one Finale and as a rich person, I learned some very funny moves implying fingers. I can’t say more today, I am afraid it would sound nasty. Oui, je sais!

We then worked on the music for the scene and as with every musical piece we’ve worked on so far, it is so good to hear us singing it altogether. The harmonies gave me goose bumps many times! Trop bon… I am pretty sure it will be the same for you too when you come to support the show.

Well, for now, it is time de se dire au revoir. But I’ll see you soon, from the stage.

So, don’t forget about your tickets. A bientôt!