Urinetown Blog – Week 5

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Hello and welcome to this weeks blog!

My name is Phil and I am playing the part of Mr McQueen (Mr Cladwell’s assistant, a sneaky man who will do anything to save his own skin).

This week we seemed to fit in a lot. On Monday Jo (our fantastic choreographer) set the dance for ‘Run Freedom Run’ which sees Urinetown’s poor folk energetically springing around the stage. It’s such an up lifting, toe tapping song and the dance compliments the song beautifully.

Whilst they were doing that, the rich folk (of which, I am included) went over two brilliant songs. First ‘Mr Cladwell’, a self loving song in which the man himself describes how he has built up such a great company and then ‘Don’t be the bunny’ a dark but funny song about how it is the privilege of the rich to stomp on the poor. After a long but satisfying rehearsal a few of us headed to the pub where both rich and poor were happy to mingle together.

On Wednesday the rich blocked a couple of scenes whilst the poor were upstairs with our wonderful costume ladies Ellie & Fay. I saw a few people dressed up and they looked brilliant.

I can not wait wait for my next rehearsal, every one is an absolute joy to attend and I always leave with a huge smile on my face.

So come along to see it for yourself, tickets are on sale now!