Urinetown Music Links

Here are links for each of the songs to give you an idea of what they look like;

1. Overture
2. Too Much Exposition
3. Urinetown

4. It’s A Privilege To Pee

5. Mr. Cladwell

6. Cop Song

7. Follow Your Heart

8. Look At The Sky

9. Don’t Be The Bunny

10. Act One Finale

11. What Is Urinetown?

12. Snuff That Girl

13. Run, Freedom, Run!

14. Why Did I Listen To That Man?

15. Tell Her I Love Her

16. We’re Not Sorry & Reprise

18. I See A River


The full soundtrack can be bought here http://www.amazon.co.uk/Urinetown-Original…/dp/B00005LZR8

You can book your tickets at http://www.millfieldtheatre.co.uk or by calling the box office on 020 8807 6680