The Intimate Theatre – Our Proposals.

We were told that as a group of users of the Intimate Theatre we’d be given the opportunity to present our ideas to the Buildings Audit Committee at St Monica’s. We were told in advance our ideas would not be taken into consideration as final decisions had already been made but we felt it was still worth presenting our ideas.

Sadly this meeting could not be arranged but we felt the ideas were still valid and wanted to share them online in the hope that they will be viewed by the Buildings Audit Committee at some point.

We do not have access to all the surveyors reports for the buildings and our drawings are not to scale. Neither do we have access to St Monica’s parish financial information but based on what we have seen from the two parish meetings we feel this work would be of similar scale, offers good potential for financial returns and offers value for money.

Please note that these are concept ideas similar to those given in the meeting on the 1st of October. As such we are not suggesting each option be taken as a whole and that perhaps the best solution would be to include elements from each. Also we were faced with the problem of not knowing how many meeting rooms or offices were required since it has never been made clear how many of each room were needed it has just been listed as ‘more’.

You can find the presentation below.