The Much Ado Blog – The Dress and Tech run.

Valorous morrow broth’r and mistress’, thou mayest refer to me as Michael, I shalt beest playing the role of Benedick in SMPs production of ‘Much A’do About Nothing’ – Allow me to giveth thee a quick runneth down of the last two nights of shenanigans.

Monday night wast our Tech runneth, Now considering that we art not in an actual theatre thou would bethink that thither cannot beest much to Tech about this playeth… And thou would beest right. – Other than managing to sneak in an extra runneth for the cast, whilst watching our stage manager Signor Humphreys running around the park chasing our quite quaint singing ladies with PA in tow. (Mrs Debbie Wall, Miss Lynzy Cooper, Miss Jo Bakhurst. all hath led by the impeccable Mrs Kate Sanders as MD) The runneth wenteth without hardship.

Last night despite a semi moist start to our runneth, wast our Dress Rehearsal, which I am glad to report wenteth wonderful, those grey clouds cleared hence to stunning blue skies which along the glorious setting of Bury Lodge Park, provided a picturesque backdrop to our playeth. I must add, this is something completely different for SMP, but this entire process hath been guided by the brilliance of Mr David Bowman, who I am quaint sure could not has’t done it’ without the assistance of Mr Warren McWilliams.

On a last note, thither art very few tickets hath left, so if ‘t be true thee hasn’t booked thy tickets yet, beest sure to doth so – thee don’t wanteth to miss this fantastic piece by Willy Shakes himself! I am sure I speaketh on behalf of the cast and production team at which hour I sayeth, ‘We cannot wait to share what we hath been working on’ Fare thee well.

N.B – I did not use a Shakespearian internet translator search to compile this blog.

Tickets are limited for each performance so please book to avoid missing out on a unique show. Our Saturday night performance is SOLD OUT – we still have tickets available for our remaining two performances and tickets will be available on the door. If you still want to come on Saturday please contact the box office on 07708 708 062 or email to check for returns availability. You can order your tickets by clicking the banner below.

Finally, where would we be without our crew? Thanks for all your hard work and keep on balling.